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Neuro Dept is calling for residency & fellowship applicants for 2021 (post updated Sep 21)

To all interested applicants, please take note of the important dates as shown in the poster.

Fellowship application deadline is on 11 September 2020.

Adult Neurology and Neurosurgery application deadline is on 24 September 2020. (The Division of Neurosurgery will accept second batch of applicants. Deadline of submission of requirements for the second batch is two days after the November 2020 Physician Licensure Examination.)

Qualifying examination for aspiring residents is on 28 September 2020.

The application requirements are as follows:

1. 1 pc. 2×2 pictures (NOT more than 1 year old)

2. Copy of certification of class rank and general weighted average grade (GWAG) from the Office of the Dean or Office of the Registrar (MUST be original or certified true copy)

3. Photocopy of the following (1 copy each)

-Transcript of records

-M.D. Diploma

-Board Rating (2020 PLE passers may submit as soon as available)

-Certificate of Internship

-Certificate of Residency (if applying for post-residency fellowship)

4. Application form (2 copies) care of Office of the Deputy Director for Health Operations (ODDHO).

Please submit all requirements at the ODDHO. Application fee must also be settled.

Applicants will be contacted prior to the qualifying exam and pre-residency period.

Recent medical graduates who will take the September or November 2020 Physician Licensure Examination may apply.

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Nanette Estolas at (02) 8-554-8400 loc 2405.

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