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PGH Neuro holds XDP lay forum

The Department of Neurosciences of the Philippine General Hospital hosted a lay forum on X-linked Dystonia-Parkinsonism (XDP) on January 17, 2020. XDP is a chronic, degenerative, neurologic disorder that causes involuntary movements and disability. The lay forum was headed by Dr. Roland Dominic Jamora, a movement disorder specialist. A total of 36 participants attended the said event. Experts from different fields gave interesting talks on relevant issues related to XDP. Ms. Elizabeth M. Dela Cruz, a social worker, discussed the process on how the patients can secure medical financial assistance from the Medical Social Services of the hospital. Ms. Cherubim C. Barranda, a nutritionist-dietician, talked about maintaining proper nutritional status in XDP patients. Dr. Katrina Therese R. Esling, a psychiatry resident, discussed about caregiver fatigue, which is a common issue in people taking care of patients with XDP and other chronic diseases. Different misconceptions about the disease were also clarified during the event.

XDP remains as one of the debilitating neurologic disorders that afflict Filipinos and their families. This lay forum helped address the common issues faced by these patients and their caregivers.

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