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UP-PGH Implements BAT Protocol

Last February 2017, the UP-PGH started the implementation of the Brain Attack Team (BAT) protocol, which aims to ensure rapid diagnosis and management of patients with hyperacute stroke.

BAT is a multi-disciplinary effort of various departments including Neurosciences, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Laboratories, Pharmacy, Nursing Services, and Medical Social Services. The protocol outlines time-specific steps to ascertain the diagnosis of ischemic stroke and ensure timely administration of medications for patients who meet the eligibility criteria for intravenous thrombolytic therapy. The said BAT protocol is applicable to both pay and charity service patients.

The activation of BAT code allows for hastened neuroimaging, processing of laboratory exams, and acquisition of rTPA vials. The protocol also aims to standardize the documentation of stroke cases and rTPA utilization in PGH. Through this effort, the Department of Neurosciences hopes to improve stroke care and outcomes.

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